Family Health Services’ Medical Professionals Prioritize the Well-being of Their Patients

Family Health Services puts the well-being of its patients above their financial capabilities with its affordable, quality healthcare services.

[Sandusky, 12/1/2017] – Family Health Services’ skilled medical professionals aim to provide Americans with quality, compassionate, and consistent healthcare services. They cater to individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds but pay special attention to those with limited financial means. Through their services, they help improve the health of many Americans who struggle to afford healthcare.

Healthcare Is Inaccessible to Many Americans

Last June, the New York Post reported that one out of four Americans refuse medical care because they cannot afford it. The report revealed that more than 11% of Americans are uninsured and that young adults aged 27 to 36 are most likely to exhibit this behavior because they cannot afford it. In some cases, even insured families turn down health services because their insurance doesn’t cover the full amount of their medical bill.

Financial Barriers to Healthcare

At the Family Health Services, the health of the patients comes before their financial capability. The clinic believes that one’s financial situation should not prevent them from receiving quality healthcare.

To help minimize medical costs, the Family Health Services accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and plans from most insurance carriers. If the patient has no insurance or if the insurance cannot cover the costs, the clinic uses a sliding scale. This means that it adjusts the prices based on the patient’s ability to pay.

Quality Healthcare Services

Despite affordable rates, Family Health Services doesn’t compromise the quality of its medical services. It has a team of medical professionals that diagnoses and treats many advanced diseases. The clinic provides blood pressure screenings, physicals, pediatric checkups, and laboratory services, as well, and offers vaccinations for both children and adults. Moreover, the clinic looks out for the community’s mental and emotional well-being through its behavioral health services.

About Family Health Services

The Family Health Services is a non-profit, federally qualified health center in Sandusky, Ohio. Aside from providing healthcare services, it also promotes sustainable health practices by engaging with different institutions in the community.

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