Mass Communication: A gateway to a number of career opportunities!


Mass communication is a significantly wide field! Unlike the engineering stream, it gives you a chance to explore various opportunities. A graduate with a mass communication degree can become a radio jockey , TV announcer & reporter, PR specialist, editor, journalist, writer or an author. The opportunities are limitless! Students who opt for mass communication learn about different spheres of Mass Media and can eventually discover the best suitable one. All that is required is abundance of zeal and creativity. This article discusses why one should consider applying in a mass communication college?

The text book definition of mass communication is the study of informational exchange along with scrutinizing several communication techniques. The aim of mass communication studies is to spread Information to wide audience. The stream deals with content creation and its distribution through print or digital means. One can pursue specializations in mass communication to learn how to effectively communicate the messaging to the right audience in a right way. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Journalism covers print media, electronic media and Cyber media & teaches students the art of news reporting. The knowledge students gain in this course prepares the students for a life of a journalist or a news reporter.

Audio-Visual Production:

Another specialization in the mass communication is A-V Production. Owing to the massive enhancement in the communication mediums, the visual content has gotten a lot of traction. Careers like ad-film maker, documentary film makers, film critics, etc. have blossomed in last decade or so. Thus, TV & Radio production houses hire people with this specialization on a large scale. As it is well-known that the entertainment industry provides exciting and well-paying job opportunities. A number of ad agencies, newspapers, magazines, broadcasting media, visual media and quite recently, internet, all have loads of career opportunities to provide.

The mass communication and the media industry always search for hardworking and skilled professionals. That is why all the top mass communication colleges in India are swamped with placement agencies and companies every year. Being a graduate of mass communication invites a host of career options. Considering the internet boom and immense sophistication of communication channels, the future of the mass communication and media industry is significantly bright. A degree in mass communication can help anyone in working as an independent film maker, copywriter, editor, etc.

Thus, as far as the career growth & career opportunities are concerned, the field of mass communication in India have plenty of them to offer. All that is required is to pursue it from a reputed college. Because media is a field which deals with people, their perceptions & ideologies, which happens to be extremely diverse in India. In order to understand & cater to such a wide audience, a proper training from a good college is required.

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