A clean home is a healthy home. Where cleanliness is concerned, everything must be considered, especially the floors. You don’t want to see your children and pets frolicking on a dirty floor! You can vacuum it once daily… but how are you supposed to prevent dirt from being tracked in on your guests’ shoes? Rubber Cal has one word to say: mats. Doormats, if designed with thought and the right materials, can be the hero behind the scenes, the secret of your clean floors. If you are lost for solutions, the traditional French mats offered by Rubber Cal are what you need. What’s better – they are offering a 25% discount on the coupon code 17DA! Here is what the PR representative has to say.

“Our traditional French mats come with a fleur-de-lis design on them. This symbol, an inheritance from the French heraldry, signifies power and grace. The legacy passed down by the French has spread throughout the world. Imagine having this displayed at your home’s front step! We offer an extremely high quality print on these mats, considering that they will be placed outdoors to become punching bags for the weather. That is not all – Rubber Cal is offering them in two sizes, so our customers don’t have to worry if their entryway is too wide or too narrow. Currently, we have these traditional French mats at a heavy discount of 25%! If the world needs door mats at a good price, this is the time to place your orders with us.”

The traditional French mats by Rubber Cal are unique in that they are made from natural coconut coir – a fiber derived from coconut husks. It is durable, lightweight, natural (thus, eco-friendly), and comes with unbeatable properties: effectively scraping dirt from shoes, and keeping the dirt trapped until the mat is cleaned. What more could you ask for from a door mat? Avail this highly economical discount price benefit, and purchase your traditional French mat at 25% off from Rubber Cal!


Founded in 1994, Rubber Cal is a leading industrial rubber company in the US, offering state-of-the-art products including floor mats, industrial rubber sheets, flexible ducting and rubberized flooring solutions. Their products are known across the market for being high in quality and affordability. They frequently come up with various lucrative deals and discounts on their signature products as well, making it easy for clients to make bulk purchases for protecting their floors.

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