Absolute Comfort Provides Emergency Furnace Service for North Liberty Residents

For more than 35 years Absolute Comfort has been keeping many a furnace in North Liberty cranking out the heat all winter long while keeping repair and maintenance bills as low as possible. Known for their quick and timely reponse to emergency calls, they have the staff and equipment needed to get the most common type of furnace North Liberty, IA has up and running without delay.

Customers are encouraged to use their emergency phone line which is manned 24 hours a day to schedule appointments when their furnace fails in the middle of the night, on a long weekend, or even during holiday celebrations.  Greater priority is always given to the homes of senior citizens and families with small children, as they are the most vulnerable when the heat goes out.

The technician arrives promptly on site in a fully-equipped van loaded with the most common parts needed to troubleshoot common issues.  Igniters, air-flow sensors, water pumps, and simple ducts for common repairs are always packed in the truck. This saves the customer and Absolute Comfort time and money, allowing them to service more customers without delay.

It is always a good idea for homeowners to place the number of their heating service provider on the refrigerator, near the cellphone charging station, and on the furnace itself so when the heat and power go out, there is no scrambling in the dark while calling for help.  Taking the time to add the Absolute Comfort emergency number to a list of contacts even allows the homeowner who is on vacation to place a call in a timely manner.
During the heating season, time can be of the essence as sub-zero temperatures that Iowa is known for can cause burst pipes, water damage, and require a more expensive repair when the right contact information could have saved the day.

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