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Skill Set of a Business Analyst

You’ve heard the designation ‘Business Analyst’ sometime, and you’ve realized it is a worthy job to have. The next question which has to have popped in your mind has to be then what is the requirement for a Business Analyst? To answer that question you want to know what a Business Analyst ( BA) does on a normal day within a company. That will enable you to learn the essential skill set of a BA, which then will cause you to realize what the prerequisites to be a BA are.

A Business Analyst is basically a bridge between the development group comprising programming engineers and coding engineers as well as the customer of the firm who’s the end user of the project. Therefore, a BA is the one who’s the connecting link between the two important entities at the 2 ends of a job. He ought to be in a position to answer the questions regarding the undertaking, to the software programmers and be able to communicate well to understand the needs of the client, who’s the end user.

Thus it is essential to get a Business Analyst to have Good Communication skills.

A BA has to study the current conditions prevalent in the client’s end prior to deploying the project specifications to the development group. He has to have the ability to understand the existing IT infrastructure in the customer’s end to be able to understand what has to be changed. At the exact same time, he should be knowledgeable about these procedures, rules, regulations, terminologies, workings of the business where the client’s company falls under. Thus, his spectrum of knowledge needs to be a good blend of both – the Information Technology and Engineering section of the systems and company know- how of business for him to be able to perform his job well.

Thus it’s important for him to have a great bank of knowledge and a realization to upgrade that understanding form time to time. While understanding the customer needs and expectations in the project, the Business Analyst must define the problem with clarity so that the software team can comprehend the requirements clearly. The Business Analyst has to have the ability to draw relevant analysis from quantitative data supplied by the customer and other stakeholders; occasionally, he can have to supply the data himself. Being in a position to judge and examine the findings of the qualitative data and pair it with tactical thinking so as to envision a solution to the client’s problem requires good managerial and analytical skills.

In today’s world, in which knowledge sharing is a method of working style, it’s possible that the Business Analyst finds the requirement to use extra developers from a distinct geographical location and time zone, even besides the ones he has working with him in his own geographical location. If that’s the case, proper scheduling and coordination of jobs need to be done so as to complete the project efficiently, and faster.

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