Immigration Medical Exams By USCIS Civil Surgeons For Green Card

Immigration Medical Exam by USCIS Civil Surgeons for Green Card:

Immigration Medical Exams are done by USCIS Certified Civil Surgeons. For $99, you can get this done in the NYC Metro Area. Statcare’s three USCIS Civil Surgeons perform Green Card Physical Examinations 7 days a week. Statcare is open 7 days a week. PPD is included (2 visits) as is the Civil Surgeon Visit. Lab fee for mandatory RPR blood test is $10 and $75 for Urine GC Test. Vaccines and X-Rays if needed are not included. Statcare will send you to a free clinic for the vaccines. You will get 2 copies, one will be a sealed copy for mailing to USICS and the other is for your records. It is healthcare fraud to bill insurance companies for Immigration Related visits. Flat fee deals are a gimmick – vist and click on services for more details.

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