ASTI Discusses How to Feel More Empowered During Sudden Cardiac Arrest Situations

When a person collapses suddenly and is neither responsivenor breathing smoothly, that person is clinically dead before any rescue efforts start. As soon as a bystander starts CPR, it can triple the chance of survival and improve the possibility for a person to ensure a normal brain function afterward. In short and simple words, CPR buys time for the patient and bridges the gap between the collapse and when the professional help arrives on the spot. If you want to be a bystander to perform CPR as soon as you find a sudden cardiac arrest victim, you should take online CPR certification course provided by ASTI. The American Safety Training Institute aims to make the bystanders feel more empowered and confident at the accident scene. This is why ASTI explains how you will be confident during cardiac arrest circumstances.

1. Call 911 –

If you’re alone and a teen or adult collapses suddenly, call 911 as soon as possible to start the CPR process. Again if you have more people around, ask a specific person to call 911 to make sure all onlookers know who is doing what.

If you’re on the street, keep in mind that many businesses have AED’s on-hand. So, help might be nearer than you think.

2. Check Whether the Victim is Responsive and Breathing Normally.

If the victim is not responding and breathing normally, start CPR. This means getting down a firm surface and push hard and quickly in the center of thechest. Continue doing until and unless you become exhausted, get an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), another bystander or professionaltake over or the victim recovers.

When performing CPR on a victim, pump his/her chest at the rate of 100 to 120 beats per minute. For an adult, press around 2 inches; but not more than 2.4 inches whereas 2 inches for thechild and 1 ½ inches for aninfant.

3. Have Compassion for Yourself –

Remember that you are going to do what you are able to, regardless of the outcome. No matter what, you will experience the magnitude of the human life cycle and your active role within it.

“We hope these useful suggestions will help you feel empowered when you find yourself in an emergency situation. Our online CPR certification classes can help you feel more self-assured while helping the sudden cardiac arrest victim’s to survive. With effective chest compressions, you can easily rescue breath of victims.A successful CPR by a skilled bystander can make sure the proper circulation of oxygen and blood before the emergency crews arrive to take over. So, sign up for our online CPR certification training today”, says one of the spokespersons for ASTI.

About ASTI –

American Safety Training Institute(ASTI) offers online safety training classes like CPR, first-aid, AED etc. to save lives with confidence. Taking CPR certification online can allow you to perform CPR and revive the blood, oxygen circulation in a victim’s body before the medical facility arrives. To enroll in online CPR certification program, please visit the website at

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