Clarion Safety Systems Offers ANSI and ISO-Compliant Product Safety Labels

Clarion Safety Systems is an industry leader in supplying product safety labels for over 180 industry sectors across the globe. Its products are compliant with the latest ANSI and ISO standards.

[MILFORD, 12/11/2017] – Clarions Safety Systems, a leading supplier of visual safety solutions, offers a range of product safety labels for over 180 industries across the globe. These products are compliant with the latest ANSI and ISO standards, helping manufacturers communicate product hazards and keep people safer.

Electrical Hazard Labels

There are various electrical hazards associated with most of today’s machinery. These risks include burns, fire, explosion, and electric shock. Clarion’s product safety labels address these hazards by providing succinct and informative warning messages, which are reinforced with the use of graphic symbols.

Equipment and Process Labels

Every type of equipment used to process raw materials into finished goods come with a range of safety hazards, including burns, cuts, and hand crush injuries. Clarion understands this reality; thus, it helps manufacturers place warnings that properly identify, as well as how to avoid, certain hazards.

Hazardous Material Labels

Clarion’s labels for hazardous materials include labels for chemical, explosion, and pressure-related dangers. After all, these types of labels play a vital role in promoting proper handling and storage of hazardous materials.

Personal Safety and Information Labels

This category of safety labels focuses on communicating precautions during the installation, operation, and disposal of any product or equipment in the workplace. Fall hazard warnings, heavy object cautions, and read and understand product manuals are a few examples of the labels in this category.

Compliance with ANSI and ISO Standards

Meeting the requirements of ANSI and ISO standards, Clarion Safety Systems ensures that its product safety labels display three crucial elements:
• a signal word panel that identifies the hazard severity level;
• a word message that indicates the hazard, the consequence of interaction with the hazard, and how to avoid that hazard;
• a standards-based symbol(s) that graphically supports the information included in the word message.

Serving various industries all over the world, Clarion Safety Systems ensures its product safety labels can be customized to meet the needs of each of its clients. The company offers customization services (such as translations, custom symbols and specialized materials) as well as safety label assessments, where clients can learn if their labels are up-to-date with today’s best practices before placing their orders.

About Clarion Safety Systems

Established over two decades ago, Clarion Safety Systems has been the leading company in its field, supplying its customers in more than 180 industries with product safety labels and facility signs. Clarion’s safety signs, labels, and markings meet the latest OSHA, ANSI, and ISO standards. This helps protect people from harm, and helps protect product manufacturers and businesses from lawsuits and liability risk.

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