Conduct Air Conditioning Promotes Energy Efficiency with Award-winning Brand Panasonic

As power prices continue to increase, more consumers are looking at buying energy-efficient air conditioning units. Panasonic, one of the major brands carried by Conduct Air Conditioning, has the solution.

In June this year, Origin Energy announced double-digit electricity hikes in New South Wales and South Australia. This announcement came after two other major retailers EnergyAustralia and AGL outlined significant price increases the previous week. As power prices skyrocket, more consumers are looking at buying energy-efficient appliances, particularly air-conditioning units.

Conduct Air Conditioning meets this customer need by offering Panasonic AC units to its residential and commercial clients. The award-winning AC brand, which has recently topped Canstar Blue’s ratings for the third time, is a leader in the manufacture of energy-efficient models that can operate for years and combat electricity price hikes.

Panasonic was the only brand to achieve top marks in the Canstar Blue review, receiving five stars for overall satisfaction twice in a row. It is also the only AC brand to have received top ratings for three times: in 2014, 2016 and 2017.

In Preparation for Power Hikes

With the ever-present threat of skyrocketing power prices, more Australian shoppers are looking to buy energy-efficient conditioners rather than affordable, but poor-quality models, according to a Canstar Blue survey.

Another finding is that consumers keep their ACs for a long time, with their previous ACs seeing out 8.1 years of service. Due to the many changes in AC industry within those eight years, energy efficiency has become today’s biggest purchasing factor.

Panasonic Tops the Ranking for Most Favourite AC

The Canstar Blue customer satisfaction review looked into important variables that included quietness, reliability and value for money.

Panasonic came out top of the rankings, owing to its eco-friendly models that feature intelligent eco sensors. These capabilities include sunlight detection (adapts cooling and heating power according to fluctuations in sunlight intensity), absence detection (lessens cooling and heating when no one is in the room), area search (directs airflow to the people in the room), activity detection (adjusts cooling and heating based on the occupant’s activities) – and many more.

About Conduct Air Conditioning

Air Conduct Conditioning sells, installs and services air conditioning systems for commercial and residential applications in Sydney. The company sources all its products directly from the manufacturer, focused on eliminating the ‘middleman’ and providing quality at affordable prices.

To know more about Air Conduct Conditioning and its packages, visit the company’s website at today.

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