IHP London Offers Leading Medical Tourism For Dubai Patients

Medicine is practiced across the world but it is the quality of treatment, infrastructure, the presence of skilled medical professionals that matters when it comes to attracting medical tourists and promote medical tourism. In this context, international health plus plays an important role in promoting medical tourism. The business has a vast network of consultants, specialists, and doctors from different fields of the health and hospitality sector. The acclaimed clinic works in collaboration with many international service providers.

Established with the mission of providing a stress-free environment to its patients, international health plus guarantees to work on the behalf of its clients by sourcing information, arranging appointments and also creates an after-care plan.  The dedicated team of international health plus based in London cater to the medical assistance of patients from Dubai or other parts of the world.

A doctor of ihpmedical.com proudly admits “We offer medical care and support to patients suffering from fertility/IVF, plastic or cosmetic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, dentistry, oncology, dermatology, orthopedics, hair transplant. We have an excellent infrastructure as well as a team of skilled medical professionals to cater to the medical needs and requirements of our patients.”


The medical clinic in London has affiliates like BGIC- Bahrain Gynaecology & Infertility Centre (Bahrain), New Life (Greece), The Birth Company- (Harley Street, London), Conceive- The Gynaecology & Fertility Hospital (Dubai). The business website of international health plus has a contact section which the customers can use to reach the business, inquire about its services, prospective patients can fill-up and use relevant forms available on the business website to book an online appointment.


The enhanced infrastructure facilities, highly skilled doctors, advanced treatment facilities, all contribute to the success of ihpmedical.com. In contemporary times, ihpmedical.com is emerging as a leading provider of medical tourism in London city for patients of Dubai or other countries of the world. The clinic has adequate online exposure and there are blogs, other contents which describe the activities of the clinic. Many refer to the online contents to know more about international health plus prior to availing its services.


For additional details related to the clinic in context visit https://www.ihpmedical.com/Medical-Tourism-London-UK/.



International Health Plus

9 Seagrave Road, London, SW6 1RP


Office- +44 208 231 8855

Mobile- +44 7446733171

Email: dr.dabeer@ihp.london

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