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Astrology has emerged as a branch of science, which deals with the study of planets and calculating their impacts on our lives so that any kinds of faults can be rectified through it. However, there are two schools of thoughts on the subject as some moves forward towards the humanistic or psychological astrology, while others move towards the traditional form of the same. In fact, there are some best or famous astrologers in Kolkata or Durgapur, West Bengal who believes that the modern astrology has just evolved with some new sets of calculations which includes taking the best parts from the traditional ones like the famous technique of “Tantra Shastra” which is practised widely in various parts of Kolkata, Durgapur and many other parts of West Bengal.

Moreover, there are some famous modern-day astrologers in Kolkata, Durgapur and throughout the entire West Bengal like “Indraraj Priyam” who believes that the subject of astrology is continuously evolving and providing new ways to solve our problems, and thus making our lives more beautiful by bringing peace and harmony. According to the theory of modern day astrology, the process of providing the clients with some famous or precious stones has proven to be halfway true, thus making problems for many famous astrologers in Kolkata and Durgapur. In modern-day astrology, it is believed that we only power positive planets through stones, and if a planet is bringing negative impact on our lives, then we neutralize that through “Yogyas” which can only be performed by some famous astrologers in Kolkata and Durgapur like “Indraraj Priyam”.

Every year “Indraraj Priyam” visits some famous places like Kamakhya and Tarapith with his team of some of the best astrology professionals in Kolkata and Durgapur for performing “Yogyas” to relieve the client’s from their negative planets and making their lives more beautiful. His efforts have proven to be 100% effective for his clients and as a result, he is achieving almost 100% client retention rates. He is a man who has that ability to produce some detailed insights into your lives, through your birth date and time, and also has that special ability to help you attain complete control over your circumstances. It is through his genuine knowledge in the field of astrology and his proven solutions to his client’s, that many people consider him as one of the best and famous astrologers in Kolkata and Durgapur. Some of the best astrological services provided by him are given below:

1) Astrology:

2) Numerology

3) Palmistry

4) Tarot card Reading

5) Graphology

6) Vastu Shastra

7) Cognitive Therapy


About Indraraj Priyam:

Shri Indraraj Priyam is one of the best and famous astrologers in Kolkata and Durgapur, providing his astrology related services on almost every part of West Bengal and recently entering the markets of Delhi and Mumbai to help peoples get relieved from their problems. He is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers and British Association of Vedic Astrology and has been providing his effective consultations to his clients across West Bengal for more than 15 years as of now.

For more information about Indraraj Priyam, please visit his official website page:



61/A, Kali Temple Road, Kalighat, Chamber Disha, 1st floor, Kolkata, West Bengal


Jyotish Bhavan – C21 Gitanjali Park, Bengal Ambuja City Center, Durgapur – 713216

Phone No:  8697682531 / 9831399009



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