B&W Tourism Just Took Tummy Tuck Surgery to a Whole New Level by Introducing Package Deals

B&W Tourism is a multinational plastic surgery clinic with its headquarters in Kaunas, Lithuania. They have been around for some time now with operational facilities located in several cities in manyEuropean countries. The company is known for theprovision of different plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures, such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, brow lift, liposuction, breast lift, facelift, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, and weight loss surgery. Recently they have made news by offering tummy tuck package deals that are not offered by any other similar type of establishment in Europe. These packages include a number of facilities in addition to the tummy tuck surgery, includingpre-travel surgical consultations, pickup from the airport, on-spot consultations, pre-operation tests, anesthetic dosage, corset and other accessories, private room hospitalization, high-quality food, round-the-clock medical support, post-op medications, recovery massage, airport drop off, and other

similar services. B&WTourism isa pioneer company that provides all these facilities in collaboration with the tummy tuck surgery they are expert at.

Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty may be referred to as a surgery carried out for the removal of excess fat and skin located in the patient’s abdominal area. This sort of excessive skin normally gets accumulated due to age, obesity or pregnancy. B&W Tourism has been providing two different types of tummy tuck procedures since its establishment, which include mini and full procedures. The full procedure comprises of incision extending between both the hipbones. The mini procedure, on the other hand,is carried out on separated muscles. The said package deals are being offered for both these procedures by this Lithuania-based clinic.

In the current scenario, people are becoming more interested in getting this kind of plastic surgery procedures but being able to find a legitimate clinic is a tough call. From the very beginning of the introduction of B&W tourism into the market, the company has managed to make a good name for themselves. That’s the reason why people from around the world have been longing their interest in the services offered by the company. With the introduction of the new package deals, the overall business of B&W tourism is expected to get the next level.

As far as the tummy tuck costs are concerned, B&W Tourism offers the mini tummy tuck procedure from the nominal amount of 1625 pounds while the full tummy tuck operation costs 2500 or more. These prices include all the services mentioned in the above paragraphs; but at the same time, the prices offered by surgical clinics located in different parts of the UK as well as the rest of Europe are much higher in comparison to those offered by B&W Tourism.

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