CloudXtension Offers Custom Web & Software App Development for Enterprises

Based in California, CloudXtension develops custom web and software applications to help businesses thrive in the digital economy. These apps will help clients manage complex business processes, improve customer relationships, and more.

[BURLINGAME, 12/12/2017] – Based in California, CloudXtension is a tech company that develops custom web and software applications to help enterprises thrive in the digital economy. These apps will help clients manage complex business process online, improve customer relationships, and more.

Why Custom Web & Software App Development

Unlike off-the-shelf web and software applications, custom-built apps provide exceptional business value—they can function exactly the way the client wants them to. Clients can scale a custom-built app according to the unique requirements, as well as the changing needs, of their business. If the client, for instance, runs numerous software programs daily, CloudXtension can build one custom app that integrates the processes involved in those multiple programs to streamline the client’s entire digital operations.

The tech company specializes in the following services:

1. Web Development

Unlike static websites that are merely informational, web applications are interactive. Web applications allow users to perform actions, such as placing their orders online or booking a service appointment. Using HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, Node JS, and other programming languages, the CloudXtension team builds one-of-a-kind web apps both for startups and established businesses.

2. Web Frameworks

In case the client already worked on web frameworks, CloudXtension can take over and use the correct framework to deliver exactly what the client needs. It has a team of full stack developers that are proficient in Angular, Django, Meteor, React, Ruby on Rails, and other web frameworks available today.

3. Software Development

Sometimes, web applications can’t provide the level of performance or security that the client needs. In those cases, installable software apps might be a better option. The company uses Go, Java, Python, and Rub to build custom software apps.

Unlike other web and software development providers, the CloudXtension team handles every stage of the development lifecycle—from conceptualization and analysis to prototyping, actual development, and deployment. More importantly, the company delivers services according to all the client’s specified requirements while staying within the agreed schedule and budget limit.

About CloudXtension

Established in 2009, CloudXtension provides web, software, and mobile solutions that help businesses thrive in today’s digital economy. The company consists of talented and skilled full stack developers, as well as industry veterans with decades of experience working in corporate, IT, and government technology sectors. CloudXtension is headquartered in Burlingame, CA.

For more information about CloudXtension and its services, visit

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