Mozilla Introducing the New Version Firefox: Firefox Quantum


Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the prime competitors to Chrome browser. However, on 14 November 2017, Mozilla Firefox released a latest version of Firefox browser called Quantum, which offers better performance, security & privacy features over the old versions. Mozilla says the recently released version 57; Quantum is very fast and attractive new look designed as the previous Firefox and also you can do as you want like as: open several tabs, open several pages, all fault free because new version Firefox “Quantum” uses fewer memory.

Remarkable features of latest version Firefox “Quantum”

  • Linux Sandboxing that blocks hacking efforts;
  • Tracking security that prevents following components on visited sites;
  • Developed Control center that agrees accessing and modifying various settings to make sure the best secure and individual browsing sittings the browser can provide.

Best Extensions to install latest Firefox “Quantum” Browser


Don’t need to install Pocket extension because Firefox Quantum has it built-in. You just have to sign in to your pocket account and start saving web pages to be read later.

0.5 Screenshot

0.5 Screenshot is also a built-in feature in the latest version Firefox. This tool is far better than the Chrome Screenshot extension. Mozilla also offers free memory for the screenshots.


This is a best extension which uses to easily clean up web pages. It removes all the unnecessary content, sidebar and formats the text.

1.Multi-Account Container

To manage the Firefox Containers, you can use the Multi-Account Container extension. You can use multiple-account Containers for your every task like work, shopping, personal and banking, etc.

With the latest upgrade, Mozilla also fixed many security including faults that allow utilization of random code.

Further you need to take more information about new version Firefox “Quantum” then free to call Mozilla Firefox Customer Support Phone Number, where you will get latest news relating to this powerful Internet web browser.



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