ReverseLogix Provides a Tech Platform for More Efficient Warehouse Management

Based in San Francisco, California, ReverseLogix offers a software platform called Warehouse Management Module to help businesses achieve more efficient warehouse management.

[BURLINGAME, 12/14/2017] – ReverseLogix is a full-service logistics software solutions provider based in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of its flagship solutions is the Warehouse Management Module—a software platform that helps businesses manage their multiple warehouses more efficiently.

Warehouse Management Module comes with the following capabilities:

Graphical Location Management

The module provides a unique graphical management system that allows users to break down all their warehouse locations based on certain groupings or categories. In turn, it’s easier to monitor similar items in different warehouses. Also, this helps 3PLs (third-party logistics providers) manage different owned items in completely separated warehouses.

Purchase Order Fulfillment

Users can directly initiate or receive purchase orders within the module. They can also group these purchase orders according to different warehouse locations and graphical categories.

Intake Order

In most warehouses, the movement of items works this way: the items are only received if they come with a purchase order and they can only leave the warehouse through a sales order. While this is a good system, it limits 3PLs and distributors that need to manage non-owned inventory. With Warehouse Management Module, users can process intake orders without the hassle of changing the ownership of items.

Sales Order Fulfillment

Better monitoring of picking, packing, and shipping of items is possible through this module. The module provides a comprehensive order log to help users track personnel performing the said activities.


The warehouse software platform allows users to create kits of various items from the same or different warehouse locations, track those kits, and process the fulfillment of those kits, as well.

Above all, ReverseLogix’ Warehouse Management Module features easy-to-navigate interface and tools, making it convenient to use for warehouse managers and staff. More importantly, this logistics software solution offers flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of a business.

About ReverseLogix

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, ReverseLogix is a logistics software solutions company. It provides a multi-tenant SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that helps businesses manage and monitor the status and location of their materials and products as they move throughout the supply chain. To date, the SaaS platform is utilized by retailers, OEMs, distributors, resellers, and ASP networks worldwide.

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