Glowuptrendz Offers Worldwide Shipping for Dreamy Magnetic 3D False Eyelashes

December 14th, 2017: It is the season for frizzy hair, dry skin, and fashion faux pas. It is also the time to bid farewell to all running, spoiled makeup due to sweat and oil. With the arrival of winter, it becomes necessary to update your beauty bag with winter-friendly stuff. Not just skincare, adding something to set you apart from the crowd is a must.


Doesn’t everyone secretly dream of being the center of attraction? Well, this season wants to be the part of the action with you. In fact, they have the perfect products to create a beauty-army of your very own.

Winter is the perfect hour to rock warm tones and smokey eyes, and huge, dreamy eyelashes. What’s better than a pair of magnetic 3D eyelashes? No glue or hassle, but simply gorgeous and natural-looking eyelashes. So if you are ready to become the center of attraction, get yourself a pair of Magnetic 3D false Eyelashes from Glowuptrendz!

GlowUpTrendz Magnetic Lashes not only use them in style glue-free technology but has improved upon it by adding up the extra secondary magnet.  This allows for a strong compact hold and also accommodates a wider lash, which gives full coverage of your lash line.

Who says false lashes can’t look 100% natural? Their Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes give you lavish length and volume, without spoiling it with that fake effect. Not just the lashes, they have an incredible range of beauty and skincare products too, made especially to withstand the chilly weather.

Winter air is deficient with moisture and the lack of humidity makes the skin dry. And the increasing cold decreases the moisture level, and when this dry chilling wind blows it takes away the moisture of the hydrated skin as well. This is why dry, crumbling skin is the highlight of the season. GlowUpTrendz offers a range of beauty products to help you throughout the cold and dry weather, this season!

You can contact them or reach them on their website- and sign up there to get a whopping instant discount. Visit now!


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