Providing a Home-like Environment at Hospice of the Calumet Area

With its low-density facility and personalized care, the Hospice of the Calumet Area offers a home-like environment to its elderly residents.

[Munster, December 14, 2016] – The William J. Riley Memorial Residence of the Hospice of the Calumet Area is an eight-bedroom home that provides care and assistance for the elderly. Because the facility has fewer patients than most hospices, the William J. Riley Memorial Residence offers more personalized service to patients, focusing its design on being more homelike.

Hospice of the Calumet Area has numerous volunteer programs and social workers in the residence, along with professional nurses and religious counselors. This helps both the patient and their family to feel comfortable, peaceful, and dignified.

With new research showing that the elderly benefit from a homelike environment, modern hospices now cater to caring for individual needs, requiring caretakers to show constant patience and compassion to residents.

All the Goodness of Home

Particularly for elderly patients with dementia and other memory loss issues, providing a comfortable and familiar place for them can be challenging. A home-like environment provides peace of mind to the elderly, as well as a sense of familiarity and safety.

Most hospices can get impersonal and overcrowded, which is why it is important to choose a hospice that attends to your relative’s individual needs and provides an atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming.

About Hospice of the Calumet Area

Along with the William J. Riley memorial residence offering hospice services to the elderly, Hospice of the Calumet Area also offers numerous outreach programs and counseling services to family members. Their Transitions™ program is aimed at providing companionship to elderly people who are trying to get used to living with a life-limiting illness.

To know more about their services and to get in touch, visit their website at:

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