Santa Ana, California – Urban infrastructure is tough to maintain. Everything from streets to parking lots, walkways, curbs, and other communal areas need constant cleaning and sweeping to render them fit for public use. These public utility services are provided by various cleaning service providers in the city who trust Rubber Cal to supply the rubber materials and street sweeper parts that they need to successfully run their operations.

Rubber Cal is one of the most trusted names in the business. It offers high-end rubberized flooring and matting solutions, coir doormats, specialty rubber gaskets, flexible ducting, industrial rubber sheets, woodworking belts, rubberized snowplow cutting edges, and street sweeper parts. The company is known to offer top notch quality solutions that are compatible with most industry applications at highly affordable rates.

Street sweeper parts and rubber components offered by Rubber Cal are available in light and heavy-duty variant. These variants are compatible with some of the most popular brand name vehicles, including Tymco®, Elgin®, and Schwarze® sweepers. The company also offers the option of custom designing rubber parts for specific trucks, if a cleaning service so desires. These products are manufactured using high-end materials while adhering to strict quality assurance protocols to ensure that clients get the best value for their purchase.

Rubber Cal offers rubber curtains, flaps, sweeper parts, hoses, polyurethane and thermoplastic ducts as well as flexible duct hoses for use in different street sweeper vehicles. These rubber materials are designed to provide extended flexibility, durability, and resistance to abrasion and chemical damage. These qualities make them the ideal choice for use in street sweeper machines and other tools that cleaning services employ for maintaining city infrastructure. These products have been designed for heavy duty use and rough handling, and with Rubber Cal’s quality guarantee, these materials offer the best value proposition that you can ask for.

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Founded in 1994, Rubber Cal is a leading industrial rubber company in the US, offering state-of-the-art products including floor mats, industrial rubber sheets, flexible ducting and rubberized flooring solutions. Their products are known across the market for being high in quality and affordability. They frequently come up with various lucrative deals and discounts on their signature products as well, making it easy for clients to make bulk purchases for protecting their floors.


Rubber Cal

Address: 620 West Warner

Santa Ana, California, 92707 USA

Phone: 1-714-772-3000



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