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Tobia Pool Care, LLC is one of the best pool care service providers available in the state of Florida. It is located in Palm Beach County, which guarantees a sparkling pool clean at all the times. Every pool should be maintained weekly or monthly so that the pool will be clean and clear. The clean pool makes a person feel fresh and safe. Swimming Pool care varies for different water types, for example salt water needs more care than any other water types. After cleaning the pool, the swimming pool owner should maintain it by following the instructions provided by the pool care services providers.

Services offered by Tobia Pool Care, LLC:

Tobia Pool Care, LLC provides various services for pool care, including Pool Leak Detection and Pool repair and maintenance. They also provide a 17-point inspection for maintaining the pool clean and safe every time. The services are categorized by three different packages, so that the customer can choose according to their budget and needs. The chemical that you add into the swimming pool matters for the beautiful pool, as the chemical imbalance may cause severe side effects to living things.

The packages are

Silver Package:

In this package, the service providers will do the chemical balancing techniques such as PH and Hardness testing, alkalinity assessment and many more. It costs only $60.00 per month. As it costs less, the care personnel will instruct the house members to do some work prior to calling them. That includes cleaning and brushing the pool after draining the pool water, cleaning the filter cartridge and many more.

Gold Package:

This package is most similar to the silver package, the difference is that the filter cartridge will be cleaned by the service providers. In addition to that, they will provide a 17-point inspection of pool and corresponding equipments. It costs $65.00 per month, which is little more than the silver package, as the pool owners need not to clean the filter cartridge.

Platinum Package:

Platinum Package is the costliest package as the complete pool care will be done by the service providers. The cleaning process from top to bottom will be handled by the care service providers. It costs $85.00 per month, which perfectly fits for the work and the service provided by them.

About Tobia Pool Care, LLC

Tobia Pool Care, LLC is fully insured and licensed company, which is well known for the pool maintenance and services. They provide service in three different packages, so that the pool owners can choose a package which suits their budget. To know more about Palm Beach Pool Care Services, visit


6492 Kirsten Way,

Lake Worth, Florida 33467

Phone: (561) 232-8140

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