Enjoy the Wilderness with Shank’s Argo XTV Models

Shank’s Argo offers 12 XTV models that are ideal for trips to the wilderness like hunting and fishing. With them, riders can carry passengers across any wild terrain.

[CHAMBERSBURG, 12/15/2017] – Shank’s Argo understands the American sense of adventure. It presents adventurers in Pennsylvania with its Wilderness XTVs: a line of 12 tough vehicles designed to carry its passengers across any terrain. With it, the rugged outdoors won’t be an obstacle that foils their plans. The models are ideal for Americans, who like to visit the wilderness whenever the mood takes them.

Americans are Unprepared for the Wild

Last October, the National Public Radio reported that more people head to the wild unprepared. Many search and rescue teams and park managers also report that people lack the necessary knowledge and gear to make it through the outdoors. Experts say that social media is partly to blame; when people spot a great place on Facebook or Instagram, they visit it without first considering personal safety or practicality.

Wilderness XTVs from Shank’s Argo

Adventure-loving Americans can conquer the outdoor terrain with only an XTV from Shank’s Argo. The company’s XTVs cross both rugged and wet terrain easily. They won’t be bogged down by mud or snow, as well. When crossing water, drivers don’t have to launch them from a dock or drive it on a shallow area.

Shank’s Argo’s XTVs also boast a low center of gravity, so the passengers are less likely to tip over during a steep climb a mountainside. People who chase big game can trust them to cross an area without snagging on rocks and branches. Likewise, passengers can easily access areas that are out of reach for most hunters and fishermen, because a full-length skid plate protects the vehicle underside.

Additionally, the XTVs are easy to drive. Drivers may install a cargo rack for additional space and lights so they could use the vehicle throughout the day. With Wilderness XTVs from Shank’s Argo, adventurers can enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer.

About the Company

Shank’s Cargo offers customers with extreme terrain vehicles that can be used for fire and rescue, fishing, hunting, forestry, mining, and spraying, among others. They also provide spare parts, accessories, and warranty work. They have been a trusted Argo dealer in Pennsylvania since 1984.

Visit http://www.shanksargo.com for more information.

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