Superior Water Conditioners Optimizes Fuel Performance with Superior Fuel Conditioners

The Fort Wayne, IN-based company’s superior fuel conditioners enhance fuel performance while cutting down on energy costs.

[FORT WAYNE, 12/16/2017] – Various industries utilize fuel in their daily production processes, so ensuring that it is in good condition is always a priority. The team behind Superior Water Conditioners believes that the fuel’s condition should be more than just “good,” offering superior fuel conditioners that enhance fuel performance while cutting down on energy costs.

Advanced Fuel Optimization

Superior Water Conditioners’ high-performance fuel conditioners are unlike any other fuel performance refining product in the market today. Superior fuel conditioners use unique scientific methods to optimize the fuel. The company explains, “As natural gas or propane passes through the Superior Fuel Conditioner, it is exposed to a series of reversing polarity alternating magnetic fields, which increases the kinetic activity of the fuel.”

Moreover, this process reduces the surface tension of any moisture in the fuel, allowing for a better mixture that refines the fuel even further. The company adds, “The end result is a more complete burning of the fuel, which creates a hotter flame, thus increasing efficiency of your equipment and reducing your fuel usage by as much as 7%.”

The Practical Choice

Just as important as optimizing fuel performance in many industrial companies is the upkeep of equipment. Fortunately, Superior Water Conditioners’ fuel conditioners helps to protect them.

The company shares, “The Superior Fuel Conditioner also helps to keep carbon soot and other deposits from building up on your appliances and burners, which will reduce maintenance problems and extend equipment life.”

Moreover, the company’s fuel conditioners are easy to install and applicable to any equipment that use gas or propane.

About Superior Water Conditioners

Superior Water Conditioners is a Fort Wayne, Indiana company providing customers from all 50 U.S. states with water and fuel conditioning apparatus since 1964. The company prides itself on the quality of their conditioning products, providing effective treatment without harming the environment.

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