Weber Dealers Association Promotes Job Creation, Opportunities, in the Local Community

Local car dealerships drive up employment and tax revenue in the community. Weber Dealers Association promotes community engagement and service by partnering with local dealerships.

[Ogden, 12/15/2017] – Research conducted by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) revealed that local dealerships generate employment and tax revenue. Weber Dealers Association helps improve the communities in Utah by promoting local car dealers.

Local Dealerships Help the Community

According to the report by CAR, domestic dealers generate secure employment for more than a million people across the US, resulting in over $143 billion in employee compensation and generating almost $19.3 billion in personal tax revenues. These dollars complement local, state, and that support local, state and federal budgets.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) notes, moreover, that new-car dealerships account for 15% of all sales tax revenue in the country, with the budget dollars appropriated to sectors that include education, safety, infrastructure, and beyond. The National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation, meanwhile, notes that car dealers are some of the largest supporters of charitable organizations and community programs, including emergency disaster relief, hospitals, schools, and even programs for veterans and pets.

These findings suggest that that supporting local dealer network goes a long way in strengthening communities and by extension, the US economy.

Supporting Local

Weber Dealers Association is an organization that connects local car buyers to a dealership in the community that likely offers the vehicle that will suit their preferences or need. The association has formed strong connections with various car dealers in the area to cater to the needs of more aspiring vehicle owners.

By connecting buyers to local dealerships, the association promotes the improvement of the community. Purchasing a vehicle from one of the participating dealers means putting tax dollars into the development of local areas. The dealerships the association partners with also generate jobs for locals, which benefits the economy. As many association dealers also make it a point to donate to charity groups and schools, buyers also become part of a system that gives back to the community.

About Weber Dealers Association

Weber Dealers Association is a trusted car dealership association based in Weber, Utah. True to their mission of “driving the revenue back to the community,” they advertise numerous local car dealerships and refer community members to dealers that are likely to carry the vehicle model and make that suits their household’s needs.

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