how to choose a good dash cam

A dash cam is an indispensable machine for every driver. Also as the “black box” of our car, it records our driving process, at the critical moment, it also likes a protective umbrella to provide powerful evidence to protect driver’s rights and benefit.

Fist, look at the price. The price is the important factor that decides whether we buy this dash cam. The various dash cam has different price, the function of it decides its price, generally, only you pay 500 to 800 yuan, you can buy a good dash cam.

Second, look at the brand. There are a lot of dash cam on the market, choosing a well-known, reliable brand is very important. Because the large brand has a lot of high-tech, such as navigation, motion detection, voice control, music players, map, 24 hours parking monitoring and other high-tech configuration.

Third, look at the wide angle. In theory, the larger wide angle can take more width scenery. But with the increase of the wide angle, the image is deformed more serious. Basically, at present, the dash cam that sells on the market have certain distortion, but the situation is different from each other. Generally, about 140°wide angle is enough for us.

Fourth, look at the image quality. In many cases, whether the video provided by car owners id clear enough is the key factor in whether the video can be used as evidence. As to dash cam image quality, it is mainly the resolution of the lens, the most common is 1080p and 1200w pixel camera, which is enough to use, so you don’t pursue high pixels. Beyond that, look at the frame to distinguish whether the quality of the lens is good, basically, 29FPS can ensure a better degree of clarity.

Fifty, look at the night vision. Some dash cam is bad at night, mosaic, serious clutter, and some are so blurred to recognize the license plate number. When the light changes on an overcast day, tunnels, low light, it is time to test the lens’s ability to adjust sensitively, where too bright or too dark images can make identification difficult.

Sixth, look at the number of the lens. According to the number of the lens, the dash cam can be divided into a single camera, dual lens dash cam, multi-camera. The most common type is a single camera that records the front of the car. The dual camera is to add a camera to the rear part of the car to record the information at the back of the car. Multiple cameras are more than a few careful car owners in order to understand the car from all sides of the information. In general, a single camera front of the car is enough for a family car. Multi-camera not only increase the cost of wiring but also lead to information redundancy.

Finally, look at the video mode. Most of the dash cam has the circulate video. According to the setting, the dash cam can cycle record and save. After the memory card was full, the dash cam will automatically cover the recording, only leave emergency videos and videos set by users. But you should ask the merchant about this function clearly when buying to avoid that the dash cam doesn’t automatically cover and another unexpected phenomenon.

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