KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd Provides a Tailored Job Approach for Entry-Level Hires

The Open University Business Barometer stated that many UK businesses are struggling to find talent that have the appropriate skill set for their company. A survey by the Open University showed that 90 percent of four hundred organisations reported difficulties in filling job vacancies in 2016. KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd offers a custom job approach for entry-level hires.

[London, 18/12/2017] – The survey showed that 53 percent of UK employers have experienced such severe talent shortages that they have resorted to hiring someone less skilled than they needed. Out of all the positions in a company, management roles are the ones that are difficult to fill. Survey results stated that 21 percent of employers had difficulties in hiring senior managers and 19 percent had problems in finding talent for mid-level management roles. In such cases KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd’s tailored job approach helps mitigate the talent shortages.

Finding the Right Talent

The Open University’s External engagement director, Steve Hill, states that to have talent with appropriate skills, businesses should look at developing their retention, recruitment and workforce.

Lizzie Crowley, skills adviser, states that human resource should be the department heading workforce strategy and planning so that businesses can use a tailored approach when recruiting talents. A tailored approach allows recruitment agencies and HR personnel to use a more personalised method in selecting talent that is suitable for the various job vacancies employers offer.

Tailored Staffing Solutions by KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd

KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd, a recruitment agency in London, uses a tailored recruitment approach that provides employers with staffing solutions. Their employers focus on jobs that cater to industries such as HR and executive support, operations and risk, accounting and finance and cybersecurity. They offer entry-level to director-level positions in small to medium enterprises and highly esteemed companies in London.

By contacting KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd, employers can find the right candidates for their entry-level and managerial positions.

About KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd

Founded in 2006, KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd is a specialist recruitment business that focuses on multiple professional sectors. They strive to work directly with candidates in building their careers by partnering them with reputable employers across London. KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd is committed to finding outstanding talents who add value to their employers companies.

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