Her Magazine Invites Women to be Part of its “HER Brand Boss” Program

[United States, 12/18/2017] – As a publication by women for women in business, Her Magazine believes that businesswomen are the game-changers of the entrepreneurial landscape. So, it aims to unmake tradition and highlight the achievements of women who are pursuing their dreams. It does so through HER Brand Boss, the publication’s ambassadorship program.

As women break new ground on the business scene, the magazine’s goals are more relevant than ever.

Strong, Confident Businesswomen

Studies paint a bright and optimistic future for women in entrepreneurship. The Bank of America’s Women Business Owner Spotlight and Merrill Edge surveyed more than a thousand small business owners. They found that women believe that their life choices about marriage, partners, and divorce, will not stand in the way of their financial goals. Most women believe they can make it on their own, because they are confident about what they need to do.

HER Brand Boss Program

True to its mission of revolutionizing entrepreneurship for women and recognizing their business achievements, Her Magazine invites women to be part of its HER Brand Boss program and become ambassadors of the publication. They will receive a SWAG kit, other exclusive items, and discounted pre-sale tickets to its events. They will also have a chance to be featured in the magazine.

Obligations of the HER Brand Boss Ambassador

As an ambassador of the magazine, a businesswoman will share an article from Her Magazine once a month on social media. She should also promote the SWAG kit and the freebies she received from the publication.
To join, ambassadors need to fill out an online form on the magazine’s website. Through the HER Brand Boss program, female entrepreneurs and Her Magazine celebrate the contributions of women in society.

About the Magazine

Her Magazine is an online publication for the modern female entrepreneur. Its founder, Nineveh Dinha Madsen, was a television news broadcaster for more than 10 years. The experience has given her a unique perspective into the goings on in the entrepreneurial stage. The magazine is an official member of the Forbes Communication Council.

Visit www.hermag.co for more information.

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