Pickering’s Auto Service Keeps Cars in Good Condition with Fuel System Services

The family-owned and operated shop prevents vehicle failure due to faulty fuel systems with its periodic services.

[ARVADA, 12/19/2017] – Pickering’s Auto Service spares car owners from the burdens of fuel system failures by offering its periodic services. To minimize costly repairs, extend the life of the vehicle, and increase MPG, the repair shop recommends and provides regular inspection and servicing of gas and diesel fuel systems.

Excessive spending due to pump failure is the last thing vehicle owners want from their fuel system, says the car service provider. Instead of dealing with surprise repairs, it keeps cars in good condition with its complete services.

Importance of Functional Fuel Systems

According to the family-owned auto service shop, a correctly operating fuel system is necessary for ensuring safe and dependable cars. With the service’s regular maintenance, car owners need not worry about dirty fuel, which can clog fuel injectors and also reduce performance.

By addressing concerns earlier, the shop also prevents poor fuel quality due to dirty fuel injectors or misfires.

Gas and Diesel Fuel System Services

Pickering’s Auto Service has ASE Certified expert technicians with sufficient training to help clients maintain, service, and repair fuel systems.

To keep the vehicle’s fuel system in good condition, technicians will identify the need for fuel system and throttle body cleaning, as well as inspect PCV valves for gummy residue. The shop’s service also includes the following:

– Inspection of fuel filters for mileage interval replacement
– Inspection of fuel injectors for misfires
– Replacement of engine air filters
– Inspection of evaporative systems
– Servicing of fuel lines, filters, tanks, hoses, gauges, pumps, and pressure regulators

About Pickering’s Auto Service

Pickering’s Auto Service is a family-owned and operated NAPA AutoCare center dedicated to providing clients with quality repair and maintenance services. Since its establishment in 1976, the shop has been one of the go-to repair shops in Lakewood, Westminster, and Arvada.

The shop meets all of its clients’ needs by providing auto repair services and complete tire facilities, with a friendly and knowledgeable team strives to ensure they meet and exceed expectations.

Go to http://www.pickeringsauto.com today for more information.

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