Experience Quick and Efficient Packaging Operations for Carton Products with the PAKSMART® PC15 Economy Carton Sealer Machine

PAKSMART Machinery offers Economy Carton Sealer Machines for quick and efficient packaging operations. The machine features make the packaging process more efficient.


[NORTH ROCKS, 19/12/2017] – PAKSMART Machinery, a leading provider of full service packaging solutions in Australia, supplies PAKSMART® PC15Economy Carton Sealer Machines for quick and efficient packaging operations. The machine carries an excellent set of features that enhance the packaging processes of clients.

The PAKSMART® PC15 Economy Carton Sealer

For customers who are looking for economical, user-friendly and efficient equipment, the PC15 Economy Carton Sealer is a suitable machine. It handles 15 cartons per minute by taking hand erected cartons and placing them into the carton sealer. The machine then executes the automatic flap closing and applies hot melt glue for firm closure.

Key Features

PAKSMART Machinery designs and manufactures the features of their machines with the customer in mind. The key features of the PC15 Economy Carton Sealer include:

  • Low cost sturdy frame and simplified electrical controls
  • High-quality components and straightforward design
  • Uses the auto cycle function with a safety light curtain for safer and easier operations
  • Short production runs through the KISS approach
  • Glue pattern with automatic adjustment through system controls
  • Built in Australia and designed according to Australian safety regulations
  • Fixed mechanical guards
  • Enhanced machine monitoring and ease of access

About PAKSMART Machinery

PAKSMART Machinery is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of well-designed, robust and durable equipment that enhances the automation of carton packaging processes. The company has an enduring commitment to the creation of equipment that increases productivity, meets individual needs and simplifies operations for packaging businesses. With over 18 years in the industry, PAKSMART Machinery continues to serve Australian food, pharmaceutical and contract packaging partners.

For more information about PAKSMART Machinery and other equipment enquiries, visit their website at http://paksmart.com.au.

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