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Sydney, Australia December 19 2017: Australia is no different to other countries where there is a higher risk of people experiencing some form of depressive thoughts, feelings and emotions during the Christmas season.

This can be due Some people get depressed at Christmas because of the excessive commercialisation of the season, with the focus on gifts and the emphasis on “perfect” social activities. Others get depressed because Christmas appears to be a trigger to engage in excessive self-reflection and rumination about the inadequacies of life (and a “victim” mentality) in comparison to other people who seem to have more and do more. Others become anxious at Christmas because of the pressure (both commercial and self-induced) to spend a lot of money on gifts and incur increasing debt. Others report that they dread Christmas because of the expectations of social gatherings with family, friends and acquaintances that they’d rather not spend time with. And finally, many people feel very lonely at Christmas because they have suffered the loss of loved ones or their jobs.

Here at Counselling Online we are working with clients during the holiday season who may be experiencing some forms of depression or anxiety. Online counselling support is proving to be beneficial for clients impacted by a range of issues such as anxiety, mild depression, relationship issues, anger problems, addictions, relationship issues and other problems that cause psychological distress.

For clients who may have some anxiety around dealing with family or family tensions during the holiday season we emphasise mindfulness techniques to stay grounded and be able to breathe when difficult thoughts and feelings come up. We look at expectations around family – Just because you’re related doesn’t mean your family members will all get along. Split families and unresolved conflicts may contribute to Christmas anxiety. Family and relationship problems can be a trigger for anxiety. We talk with clients about how to set realistic expectations – Christmas might not be the fabulous family reunion you hoped for. Plan how you will manage any feelings of anxiety or depression that may arise.Also, we discuss with clients about drinking in – it may be tempting to drink too much during the festive period, but alcohol can contribute to stress, anxiety and depression. Alcohol may be a problem if you’re drinking to cope. We also show clients how to avoid known triggers – if your family has a history of arguing over a certain topic, don’t bring it up.

Loneliness can be a big issue for many people around the festive season. There are some strategies we are showing clients here using online counselling services such as connecting with friends and family. Many clients have found volunteering a great way to work with feelings of loneliness and this can also be a great way to connect with your values and lead a rich, full and meaningful life. We suggest with clients to make plans Christmas Day – such as make yourself a special breakfast, buy yourself a gift in advance to enjoy on the day, attend a local church service or take a stroll through the local park where you can watch families enjoying their Christmas presents.

Here at Counselling Online we can support you help you through periods where difficult and troubling thoughts, feelings and emotions show up for you.

To book aonline counselling service is a simple and easy. Just follow the prompts at Counselling Online. All that is required is a SKYPE account, a computer with a camera and an internet connection.

About The Company: is a highly respected, well-regarded and effective online counselling business. Their senior counsellor therapist, Mr. Matthew Reynolds, is a qualified counsellor providing therapeutic support to people impacted by psychological distress. To learn more about their services, visit their website at


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