Tega provides impeccable discharger solution for one of the largest gold mines in Philippines

Inefficient transport of the slurry out of the mill due to flow-back phenomenon can affect the breakage field adversely inside the mill. As a result, the milling efficiency reduces due to the softening of the impact of the balls and rock particles. The another undesired phenomenon due to the inefficient transportation such as “carry-over”, leads to high wear of the pulp lifter channels.


TEGA Mill Discharge system is designed extensively by using advance 3D modeling techniques, DEM (Discrete Element Method), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Element analysis) in order to achieve optimum flow rate out of the mill. This is done accurately by analyzing the material flow.

TEGA Pulp Dischargers & Upper Discharge Cone have been designed to be used in AG , SAG , Grate Discharge Ball Mill , etc. Our TEGA Discharger system can be installed in the mill irrespective of any existing liners and all components of discharge system are tested for perfect fitment in a specially designed quadrant Jig. This is done to ensure the trouble free and fast installation on site, with no interference or extra gap between the components. The fastener positions are also pre aligned correctly during the Jig checking.

This further strengthens Tega’s reputation for being a trusted and reliable partner and continues its strong presence across the globe and is well positioned to enhance its impressive growth in the mining consumables space.



About Tega Industries Limited

Tega Industries Limited is the flagship company of the Tega Group of Companies. The firm has achieved significant achievements in providing products and solutions for material handling, mining equipment and mineral processing industries. The company has plants across four continents and exports its products & solutions to 72 countries. It is a true Indian multinational with a sales & distribution network across 16 countries .It is the largest non-OEM manufacturer of moulded wear resistant rubber components used in the bulk material and mining industries. Visit http://www.tegaindustries.com/ for more.

Installed Tega discharger inside mill

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