NPWS’ Web Design and Development Services Provide Mobile Optimization for Websites

With mobile devices overtaking desktop in web browsing, websites are required to meet Google’s standards for mobile optimization and responsiveness. NPWS’ innovative web development services utilize responsive web design that can adapt to any device, making their clients’ websites accessible.

[WORCESTER, 12/22/2017]—Google has pushed for the importance of mobile user experience in websites since they released their algorithm update on April 21, 2015. This event, which the community called the “Mobilegeddon,” served as a wake-up call for website owners who lost their search engine result rankings due to lack of mobile optimization.

Following the update, Forbes cited a few studies that showed a rise in websites complying with Google’s mobile optimization standards. Additionally, StatCounter reported that mobile and tablet devices overtook desktop in October 2016 wherein the former accounted 51.3% of all web browsing.

Mobile Optimization and Responsiveness

For a website to meet Google’s mobile standards, it should present responsiveness and optimization in smartphones and tablets.

Siteoscope, an all-in-one tool that keeps track of website performance and rankings, says that a website is optimized when it has a clean and minimalist design, no fluff, and thumb-friendly buttons and forms. When these steps reflect on any device and screen size, a website then becomes responsive.

Smartphone usage has also changed the visual standards of websites, Siteoscope adds. Mobile required typography to be in big bold fonts, the resolution should accommodate clear graphics with small file sizes, and flat design should be used to improve the user experience.

To check if a website has mobile optimization, Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test can be used to receive guidelines and a general overview of points of improvement.

Innovative and Up-to-Date Web Design

New Perspective, a Massachusetts based full-service digital marketing agency, utilizes responsive design in their web development services. This allows web designers to adapt to any device for all different ways people access the web.

According to the company: “We carefully investigate new techniques and their potential; not every new trick is appropriate for your site, and some warrant a wait-and-see approach.”

New Perspective stays up to date on innovations and knowing that trends in website development come and go and that Google’s algorithm for search engine rankings continuously evolves.

About NPWS

NPWS is a Massachusetts-based full-service digital marketing agency with a passion for growth. An Inbound agency and proud HubSpot partner, New Perspective has built powerful websites and digital marketing programs for their clients since 2003. They help clients strengthen and develop their businesses with their digital marketing and web development services.

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