Readying Your Home for Sale with Central Realty

Last month we published the first part of Central Realty’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home, and this month we continue, with readying your home for sale. Should a home inspector pinpoint any parts of your home that need attention before allowing your agent to list your property, you can take care of the problem areas yourself or employ a professional to take on the fixes for you. Specifically, there are three types of upgrades home sellers generally have to make to their residences before listing.

Most are minor projects which don’t necessitate hiring a professional to come out, and these types of small-scale tasks can be taken care of with a little bit of research and buying the right tools and objects at your local hardware store. Specific things to look for in your home include holes where you’ve hung paintings and pictures that need to be filled, toning down the color scheme of certain rooms, and cleanliness of your attic and basement. ‘Curb appeal’ upgrades like these can go a long way in getting positive feedback from potential buyers.

Once you’ve taken care of some slight refreshing of certain corners of your residence, you can turn your attention to more substantial restoration projects if needed. Inspect your kitchen and bathroom for broken cabinetry and handles. Look for cracks in your walls, ceiling, and floor. Determine if you need to re-tile your roof or just clean it as well as a clean of the walls of the house. There are often dozens of small components of your home that need addressing, so carefully investigate your interior and exterior for things to fix.

Unfortunately,  sometimes there may be a few aspects of your home that need to be overhauled and replaced entirely. Moreover, pet owners can attest to their friendly feline and canine pals ruining things like carpet. The good news is real estate agents likely know of one or more reputable home improvement professionals who can come by and repair these areas as needed.

Should you make major replacements, like new flooring, ensure you select high-quality, visually appealing material. When in doubt, go with a popular paint color, floor material, countertop surface, etc.

You’ve settled on a solid list price, you’ve made updates to your interior and exterior — now, it’s on to staging. Making your home look both functional and beautiful and marketing your revamped home to the right audience takes some skill. Luckily, your agent can help you find the right designers and photographers to ensure your residence looks brand new and appealing, so next month we will address home staging.

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