Enjoy the Excitement of a Dove Shoot – Alabama

Though it may not seem to be the case, dove hunting is in fact one of the most difficult and exciting forms of hunting available in Alabama. What sets Alabama apart from other areas for this style of hunting is that the state has the perfect terrain for harvesting these birds. When you visit a local lodge that has created the best habitat possible for these birds, you will find that harvesting them can be a great experience. Though these birds are abundant throughout the state, one of the best places to go to harvest them is Westervelt Lodge.

This Alabama lodge has dedicated their time in business to providing their customers with the best hunting experience possible. They have designed specific areas of their large land plot to cater to the needs of doves, bringing them back there each season. Also, like all of their wingshooting activities, you can have the hunt be guided as much or as little as possible. This means that you can have an educated member of their team take you to the exact location these birds tend to populate.

Another interesting bonus to hunting at Westervelt Lodge versus other lodges in the area, is that they allow you to bring dogs to assist in your hunts. Of course, you will have to bring some paperwork along to ensure that your dog is safe to be on the land, which you can discuss further with a member of the staff. However, if you do not have a dog at home that you can bring, you can use one of the dogs owned and trained by the lodge itself.

A trip to Westervelt Lodge for one of these dove hunts will cost you $150 per hunter and is usually available from early September to early October. This price includes a pre-hunt warm up on their clay ranges, which can prep you for the actual hunt. It also includes a southern fried chicken lunch that will keep you full during your exciting afternoon shoot. These shoots are available for groups of ten or more.

Steven Carroll, the Manager of Westervelt Lodge, stated, “Our lodge has been recognized as one of the best in Alabama and each year we dedicate ourselves to keeping this title. One of our biggest hunts each year is visitors attending our dove shooting season. These hunts not only come with the excitement of harvesting these hard to shoot birds, but also a great lunch too. If you would like to book your dove shoot for next season, please contact us today.”

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