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Mumbai, India: Computer Society of India, Mumbai Chapter awarded Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, Academic Evangelist, Next Education India, for his significant contribution towards the field of Information Technology and Innovations.

The award is conferred upon Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra under the category of “ Recognition of a person, event or company who has made a significant contribution (above and beyond the normal standards and qualities/legacy outcomes) to the wider InfoSec / Big Data Analytics community”.

Tigger Tales of a Cosmopolitan Cat wins The Distinctive Cat Book award for 2017

December ‎25, ‎2017: The prestigious Distinctive Cat Book award for 2017 goes to Tigger Tales of a Cosmopolitan Cat.

Tigger’s memoirs are a story of a cat that lived on three continents, and over the course of its life encountered all types of animals and made the most of every minute. The memoir starts when the cat was only a few weeks old. The story tells about a cat who is well travelled and the kind of life he led. The story, written by Susanne Haywood, has been recognized for its creativity and the inspiration it gives to its readers. Her humor, suspense and articulate story telling abilities can easily be seen in her writing. Those who have read the book reveal that they did not stop the moment they started the story, they were eager to read starting from the first paragraph to the last. Many readers believe that Susanne Haywood’s work deserves an award for her creativity, engagement and lessons learnt from the memoirs.

Acquire Or Sell Cyprus Property – An Investors Dream

Obtain or sell Cyprus property, you decide on. Cyprus property for sale is really a buyers industry as prices are low cost but economists have predicted that they will quickly commence to rise, so your investment might be worth a lot more inside a couple of years. Grab some geography maps of Cyprus and possess a very good take a look at the distinctive areas, are you currently searching for a beach property or even a town property or possibly a mountain retreat? You will find some beautiful villas within the mountains as well as equally beautiful properties about the coastal regions. Get far more information about cyprus property for sale

Preventing Metal Corrosion by Trusted Cathodic Protection


Cathodic protection is by far one of the most effective strategies when it comes to management of metal corrosion on metal surfaces. It functions in the electrochemical cell within the type of a cathode. In terms of safeguarding and protection of water pipelines, fuel pipelines, steel, pier piles that happen to be made out of steel, underground storage tanks, oil platforms and so on, cathodic protection is your 1 stop option. Get much more information about cathodic protection Idaho

What to Look for inside a Salesforce Consultant


Today organizations are wanting to Consultants more than ever, to help fill their Salesforce improvement demands. That is understandable when you look at one of several key promoting points of making use of a Software-as-a-Service model, is the fact that it will not call for extensive IT resource to run effectively. Even so this doesn’t imply that businesses is not going to have to have knowledge professionals along the way, so that you can get one of the most value for their Salesforce investment. Get far more details about salesforce consulting

How CBD Oil is often applied – CBD Hemp Oil Rewards


Cannabidiol oil has normally supplied a multitude of beneficial makes use of. But, where there’s a good, there is also a adverse. Society has chosen to weigh in on certainly one of the much less enhancing cannabinoids, THC, throwing out the child together with the bathwater. Recent laws and research, on the other hand, have produced it attainable to focus on all of the attributes of cannabis, as well as the findings happen to be amazingly positive and strong. Get more information about cbd oil

Good Way Of Money Lending For Foreigner In Singapore

Living in a country you’re not familiar with may be insecure in various ways. It is difficult coping with the new surroundings, you will miss the comfort of home and there’ll be a rise of needs that may somehow cause financial troubles. However, despite all of the inconvenience, there is a country that helps you out in terms of money issues. Singapore is a country where the foreigners are being supported financially.

Gaming T-shirts

We are YOKA MOKA, a T-shirt fashion brand with a unique design line that is fun to love. We like to communicate with the surfers on our website, hear about their ideas for new designs and create, together, the most social and interactive fashion brand ever in the world. Gaming T-shirts

Why alien ants have been a top pick for arcade game lovers

It is necessary for every mobile phone user to consider various options while using a Smartphone on a regular basis. There are plenty of games available in the market, which can be played based on interests and hobbles of the user from time to time. Alien ants have been one of the popular Space arcade games, which have attracted a lot of people in different parts of the world in an effective way. Alien ants is all about avoiding obstacles in space in order to advance in great speed from time to time. As the pace of the game gets going high in advanced levels, it is a known fact that people would love to play for a long span of time to enjoy the game in an effective way.

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