The Fenix Offers Myofascial Release Technique to Treat Fascia Pain

A large number of individuals suffer from chronic myofascial pain in their necks and heads. This type of trauma usually takes place because of two major reasons. Firstly, the pain takes place when individuals sit working or reading at computer desks or computer terminals for the entire day as it forces individuals to sit for a long time with necks, as slightly bent in the forward direction or in flexed position.

Second type of trauma takes place to individual’s neck muscles is because of acute whiplash injury caused because of slip or fall injuries and automobile accidents. In this case, tremendous force within neck muscles result in the formation of muscular knots and myofascial trigger points leading to myofascial pain syndromes on chronic headaches and neck pain.

Positive thing in this case is that individuals may easily overcome from myofascial pain and remove various types of pain causing myofascial triggering points as well as adhesions by simply approaching myofascial release technique applied by qualified and experienced professionals of The Fenix Group.

Myofascial release treatment involves an alternative type of medicinal therapy claims to cure/treat immobility of skeletal muscles and muscular pain by simply providing relaxation to the contracted muscles, bringing improvements in the lymphatic and blood circulation and stimulation of the stretch reflex present in muscles.

According to the experienced therapists and doctors of The Fenix Group, “Myofascial release treatment/therapy focuses on releasing muscular tightness and shortness in patients and it is helpful in dealing with a large number of symptoms and conditions.”

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