Hire a Prominent Drug Crime Lawyer for Drug Crime Charges

The drug crime charges will lead to severe punishments and fines. The use of prohibited drugs while driving or any other public place will lead to simple arrest without any criminal charge. But trafficking kind of drug charges brings high penalties, lengthy jail time as well as the criminal record. If you get arrested on a drug charge, then it is preferable to hire a drug crime attorney as soon as possible. So that it is easy for the lawyers to find the best solution in your case. The lawyers with the specialization of handling criminal defense charges can assist you in way of minimizing the punishment.

Types of Drug Charges

Possession of the illegal substances is the common drug charge, which is of two kinds one is actual possession another one is constructive possession. Having controlled drugs for the purpose of selling or distribution is also a type of drug crime, which leads to severe penalties. Growing the illegal plants and manufacturing in the lab is another type of drug charge. Added to the above charges, there are many other drug crimes that lead to arrest. They are trafficking, illegal use of prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, and so on.

Factor that Decides the Penalties

The drug crime charges differ in each state, which generally depends on the type of crime for which people get accused. The criminal penalties will also vary based on whether the case is coming under state or federal law. Other than this, the following are the common factors that decide the penalties.

  • Type of Drug where the high risk of abuse possible
  • Amount of Drug
  • Having any weapon while getting arrested for drug-related crimes
  •     Prior Criminal Record
  • Drug offense near school, child care center like places

Need of Drug Crime Lawyer

It is not easy to understand and handle the criminal charges by a normal person. So hiring a legal expert with good experience in drug crime related case is the best choice. if the drug was found where you live and that belongs to another person, the drug crime lawyer will help you to prove that you not responsible for the drug possession. As well as, they used to file for suppressing the evidence in case of any violent activity made by the police at the time of investigation.  For more information, visit https://criminaldefense.network/drug-crime-attorney/

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