to unveil brand new features on its new website as it looks to increase efficiency in service delivery

London, UK, 28th December, 2017 – has announced that it has introduced an array of great features on its website. The company notes that the move is designed to make sure that the overall customer experience is improved significantly moving forward. The company is also looking to use the brand new features ton improve efficiency in service delivery over the next few months. has grown over the years to become one of the top online assistants providers in the market. the firm has developed an online market place where customers in need of remote labor can come and hire quality staff without any issue. The popularity of the firm’s services has been growing too.

For the last year alone the provider has expanded its market share by nearly 40% and this trend is expected to continue even in 2018. With this kind of growth, there is a need to enhance efficiency in the provision of services. For people who are asking what is a virtual assistant, this is great news for them and others who would like these services. says that increasing efficiency has to begin withy enhancing technology on its website. This has always been the approach by many different firms and is not an exception. The online virtual assistant service is confident that the new changes will truly help set it apart from other players in the market.

The idea of hiring a virtual assistant blog writer or manager is a great way of saving money on labor costs while getting things done. Companies like make this happen for you and looking at the success the firm has had, it would be wise to work with its team. You can get more details about the firm at

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