The best way to enjoy Christmas in the land of Christ

What better way to spend Christmas than to visit the places where Jesus lived? Tour all the Christian iconic places with a trusty tour operator on an unforgettable tour to Israel.

In the recently concluded press conference, Holy Land Private Tours made all religious pilgrims aware of their Christian Tours to Israel.

Discover the hidden answers in all the historic places, and travel a journey that will teach you more about Christianity, life, and yourself, than any other vacation before. Holy Land Private Tours stands out with their unique approach by customizing their tours in such a way that you can visit all your places of interest and more, without wasting a minute of your precious time. These Christian tours are ideal for tourists who have very little time to spare and small groups who want to be at all the places linked to the life and memory of Jesus Christ.

Being a part of their tours, you will be able to live through the verses of the Old and New Testaments of Bible. You will be transported to the days when Jesus roamed these places while you are accompanied by an expert hand, unparalleled knowledge, and great company.

With their dynamic approach, you will be the one who sets the pace of the tour and also of the holy places that you wish to visit. There are no arranged schedules for the tours. By communicating with Holy Land Private Tours, they start creating an itinerary for you so you can see the duration of the tours and also the places that you wish to visit.

You can enjoy all this as you travel with their comfortable, luxurious transportation. You will be touring with a group composed of people looking for the same goals. By traveling in such a group, there will not be a conflict of any nature. You will not have to worry about anything but enjoying the vacation, and using your free time to enjoy as you please, with or without other group members.

Last but not least, these tours focus on deepening your knowledge of Christianity. You can visit and see iconic places such as Jerusalem, The Sea of Galilee and Nazareth, and have an experience like never before. You can go for the Catholic experience or the Evangelist Path, but one thing remains certain, this wonderful country will leave you wanting for more.

About Holy Land Private Tours

Mr. Ofir Horn has been a licensed tour guide for over six years. He is 36 years old, married with two beautiful children and living with his family in the spirited and never-resting city of Tel Aviv. Ofir decided to dedicate his life to organizing tours for visitors with thirst for knowledge, and also those who love this land for all its reasons.  He believes that through a private tour, you can get the entire experience of Israel, and is a perfect way to provide you with the meaning and significance that its many streets have.

If you wish to know more about their tours, you can contact Ofir Horn at the email below, or call him to arrange an itinerary.

Address: 17 Yud Alef st. Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Phone: +972-50-4444324

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