Adroit OC criminal defense lawyer for handling your criminal case

A criminal law is said to be a most complicated one and you should have a good knowledge in choosing the right OC criminal defense lawyer. Trying to deal with the criminal case by yourself without the help of the criminal lawyer, can lead to undesirable results. Choosing a lawyer is not a simple thing and you must have a keen attention to it.

The lawyer must possess a decade’s experience in the criminal defense field. They must be practicing in the criminal defense field and must have a good knowledge of the criminal laws. Only then they will able to protect your rights and can avoid having a criminal record. They should have a successful track record and you should be able to communicate with them in an easy manner. You must be able to share your personal details with them. According to that, you need to make a decision. The last one is fees and you should get an overall estimation of the fee structure in the beginning itself. Anyhow, you cannot get an exact value but you can get an approximate value of the fees.

Criminal case

Every criminal case will not have the same procedures and there are different procedures depending on the type of the case. The first step in the criminal case is arresting the individual who is involved in the crime with an arrest warrant. The next one is keeping the individual in custody and getting his/her fingerprints. The arrested individual can get released with the bail by accepting to certain conditions. After this, the first hearing will be held which is called as an arraignment. Plea bargaining is the method where the criminal cases are solved without any trials.

During a preliminary hearing, the witnesses will be verified. If an investigation is required in addition to this, it will also be decided there.  The next stage is pre-trial hearing. At this stage, a decision will be made on testimony, evidence and all the issues will be brought to an end. At trial, a conclusion will be made whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. Then sentencing will take place. After this appeal may take place if the defendant claims that the conviction is not fair. To know more, visit

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