Sheffield Safety and Loss Control Provides Site Audit Services to Clients

Workplace safety audits and inspections are important for every business, but perhaps there is no more important industry for these audits and inspections than the construction industry.

[ILLINOIS, 1/4/2018] – For the construction industry, a site audit can spell the difference between life and death, ensuring that workers are operating in a safe, non-hazardous environment.

Why are Site Audits Important?

A site audit is a workplace safety procedure that reviews the work processes in a construction site. During site audits, auditors inspect and analyze different aspects of a workplace in order to determine whether or not the site is complying with health and safety standards. The audit also seeks to determine if the safest and most efficient work practices for that site are being implemented.

Regular site audits are important as a component of the overall health and safety program of a company. Precise and comprehensive site audits and safety inspections provide employees with a safe workplace that encourages productivity.

How Does Sheffield Safety and Loss Control Help With Site Audits?

During site audits, Sheffield Safety and Loss Control (SSLC) provides thorough reports that summarize the safety issues observed and presents them to clients, providing photographic proof to back up their claims.

Once an audit is completed, SSLC holds a conference with their client to discuss their findings, making recommendations designed to minimize the hazards found during the audit. These reports provide clients with a detailed summary of the current conditions of their site, which can then be used to assess current safety programs.

SSLC also engages the client’s employees, working closely with on-site personnel to improve work safety processes and increase productivity through improved practices.

About Sheffield Safety and Loss Control

Founded in 2003 and operating from Plainfield, Illinois, Sheffield Safety & Loss Control, LLC. is a safety consulting firm that works closely with construction companies to evaluate their environmental, safety and loss control programs. SSLC has consulted on projects all across the country, and has established for itself a reputation of quality and accuracy in the years since it was established.

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