How to use the dash cam?

Now it is convenient to use the best front and rear dash cam, the common functions are boot, shutdown, video, photography, IR light, night vision, USB and so on. In addition, the different model has a similar operation, we only set following the instructions.

  • boot and shutdown
  • press the power button for a long time to boot or shutdown the machine
  • In the charge of the machine, DVR will automatically boot, when out of the charge of the machine, it automatically shut down after 5minutes.
  • Video

Turn on the DVR model, the machine is in video and the point light will twinkle. Press “OK” to stop recording.

Warning: insert the SD card before using

  • Photography

After booting, press the model key to choose photography model and press ok to start photography.

  • the preview model

After booting, press the model key to choose preview model and press up or down to choose the video that you want to see, press ok to play or stop, press model key to log out.

  • AV OUT function

Using AV cable, the DVR is connected to the high-definition TV output terminal, which can record and browse the video files on the TV.

[6] screen display switch.
After the DVR boot, press the switch button, you can display the front shot, the rear shot display and the dual display at the same time three display state switch.
[7] screen saver function.
When DVR is on standby or recording, the screen saver is turned on or off by a short power supply.
[8] Mobile detection function.
Open the “ motion detection” on the system menu. The video is automatically activated when an object moves in front of the DVR, and when the object stops moving, it automatically stops recording and enters the detection standby state.
When exiting mobile detection, automatically turn off the mobile detection function.
[9] Infrared night vision function.
In the boot state, right-click to turn on or off the lens infrared light.
[10] date and time settings:
After boot, press the menu key to enter the settings menu, press the key to select the “date set” option, press OK key to enter the next level of the menu. Use mode key/switch key / up key / down key to adjust the year, month, day, time, all set, press OK key to log out the menu.

When DVR connect DC 5v charger, USB 5V charger or computer USB interface can be rechargeable. When charging, the red point light is light, when it is full, the rad point light is extinguished.

  • connect to a computer

1, U disk: connect DVR to a computer with USB, select USB-disk, press ok to enter U disk model.

2, PC camera: connect DVR to a computer with USB, press flip key to select PC-camera on the DVR screen display interface, press ok to enter pc camera model, at that time, a standard video device will appear on the computer.

3, use computer USB to recording: connect car DVR to a computer with USB, select REC model on the DVR screen display interface, press ok to enter recording state.

  • reset system

If the machine crash in the fusing process, press reset key, the system will auto reset.

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