Assessment of YouTube Cash on Steroids

YouTube Cash on Steroids is actually a item produced by Cory Friedman, a prosperous 27 year old world wide web entrepreneur. It’s a series of videos teaching an individual to benefit from the popularity with the YouTube in attracting persons who are interested to purchase some thing online. I have been a fan of YouTube, getting downloaded a huge number of videos from this system. So when I saw the data about this product YouTube Cash on steroidshop I was curious.

Following taking a close look at this item I realize that it assists me in affiliate advertising. It consists of videos in addition to a pdf script which guides someone on ways to make use of the videos. What it does is it tells you the way to choose a solution to market place, make a study about this item in order that you may be able to describe it around the video of YouTube, write the script applying search optimized key phrases, record it on video and publish it on YouTube.

But there’s an added twist to this item. It’s purposely developed to ensure that you may outsource it. This program teaches you the best way to employ somebody who is looking for work on the internet and do the work for you personally. Certainly for those who usually do not want somebody else to do it for you but you want to do it your self this could nonetheless be done. The goal why Cory created the use of this plan for outsourcing is so it is possible to be free of charge to do other items much more vital and possibly more lucrative.


The key advantage you can get out of this system is that you may understand how to pre-sell any digital product you select to promote on YouTube. As a consequence of this you may effortlessly get ranked number 1 in the Google Search Engine due to the fact Google gives preference to YouTube videos in its listing of products becoming searched. The instruction is quite clear and carried out step by step.
This implies that you will be able to effectively sell the goods you will be promoting as an online affiliate.

A further very important benefit is the fact that you will be able to outsource your affiliate marketing to folks who would prefer to do that function for hire. The favourite locations to outsource are the Philippines (exactly where I reside) and India simply because English is utilized in these areas as a medium of small business transactions. You could now loosen up and also you might help other men and women get jobs just applying their computer system with an net connection.

A third benefit that is crucial is the fact that Cory Friedman is quite useful. Should you have to have enable on the use of this solution you can effortlessly ask him in the Warrior Forum of world wide web marketers.


There are no great merchandise. So even with YouTube Cash on Steroids there are problems. Sometimes the hyperlink sent by Cory doesn’t function. This could be fixed straight away upon reporting to Cory.

An additional issue is that the maker of this plan has more than 10 other solutions on the net and he has no employees (as of this writing) to oversee the functioning of those items. He does almost everything by himself. Up to a point this can be possible but when problems are encountered like somebody hacks his website he is not in a position to respond quickly. That is certainly why you’ll find complaints inside the Warrrior Forum.

Working with the criteria of clarity of description and explanation on ways to setup the program, the effectiveness in the system, the ease of use, the value, and also the guarantee of refund, I’d rate this product four out of 5.

All round I can say that this can be a incredibly excellent solution in addition to getting been awarded the Product from the Day Award as published in the Warrior Forum. It really is rather new and so it is not but reviewed inside the IM Report Card website as of this writing.

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