Arts & Music Department of ESE Florence will manage the concert to be held on December 21 at the Palazzo Rosselli del Turco, Florence


European School of Economics (ESE) is celebrating the holiday season with its students, faculty, and international musicians with a classical Christmas Concert. The event will be held at the Palazzo Rosselli del Turco, Florence at 16:00 PM on 21st December.


ESE Florence is organizing this concert to showcase the talents of a Peruvian-American student, Franco Rios Castro, who recently completed his Programme of the Canto (Singing) at the school. ESE’s students learn the nuances of the musical and instrumental arts as part of the various courses offered at the ESE campuses around the world. This concert is a celebration of the artistry of the students who have honed their skills while being enrolled with ESE’s Arts & Music Department. The concert will showcase the artistic brilliance of the ESE’s young artists and bid them a final farewell before they step into the world of music.


ESE offers a variety of short programs, including the Instrument & Voice Course, Music Management, and other courses. Each of the 3-month courses focusses on a variety of subjects from classical music to modern digital music to the management in the music industry. These courses also encourage a non- mandatory, 3-month internship after the completion of the course.


The concert to be held on December 21 will feature bass baritone Franco Rios Castro, who will be performing alongside the faculty of the institution. The faculty members at the concert include Monica Benvenuti, who is a renowned singer of international repute and the singing instructor at ESE Florence. Giuseppe Bruno, master pianist and the Course Director at the ESE Florence’s Arts & Music Department, will also grace the stage. The concert will focus on the theme of Italian Opera. The artists will be performing in the styles of Bellini, Rossini, Verdi, and Donizetti.


The concert starts at 16:00 PM and is free to the public.


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