DECO Provides Revenue Cycle Management Improvement Services

Uncompensated care cost hospitals billions almost $40 billion in 2015. DECO Recovery Management offers services that help facilities improve and manage their revenue cycles.

[LANDOVER, 1/4/2018] – Hospitals all over the country noted uncompensated care expenses amounting to billions of dollars in 2015. DECO Recovery Management offers revenue cycle management services for healthcare facilities that help convert debt into cash.

Uncompensated Care Amounted to Billions

According to data by the American Hospital Association, uncompensated care in hospitals all over the nation amounted to $35.7 billion in 2015, representing 4.2% of the facility’s total expenses. This number, while still notably high, has dropped from $42.8 billion (5.3% of expenses) in 2014, and $46.6 billion (5.9% of expenses) in 2013.

In fact, since 2000, healthcare facilities have provided over than $538 billion in uncompensated care. This amount includes financial assistance that was never reimbursed, care provided at lower costs, and bad debt.

Hospitals have resorted to various ways to respond to the rise of medical debt. Some of the techniques facilities employed include offering discounts for full payments and communicating financial information to patients to help them make informed decisions about their medical treatments.

Helping Hospitals Receive the Payment Due Them

DECO Recovery Management helps healthcare facilities convert potential debt into cash using a compassionate and patient-centric approach to revenue management. They provide hospitals with a tailored revenue flow solution as well as assist their uninsured and underinsured population while maintaining patient satisfaction.

They have a team of Eligibility Experts that guide every patient through an otherwise complicated process of determining and applying for the right federal, state, or local program. They are prepared to handle any patient volume, from small rural hospitals to multi-facility health systems.

About DECO Recovery Management

DECO Recovery Management has been helping hospitals improve their cash flow since 1993. They provide a full suite of revenue cycle and eligibility management services that ensure efficient and effective conversion of potential debt into cash. They employ compassionate, thorough, and dependable business practices in bringing accounts from due to paid.

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