Forever Homes: The Best Home Builders in Ontario

Your home is something that reflects your personality, your character and your sense of style. Your home is more than just mortar and bricks. The colors that you choose, the designs that you consider, and the ambiance you wish to achieve are some of the aspects that truly give meaning to your new home. These individualized aspects make your house a home.

If you are searching for the most committed and dedicated home builders London Ontario, look no further.

Building houses since 1993, Forever Homes is the leading home builder company in London, Ontario. Our expertise, knowledge, professionalism, and years of experience set us apart from competing London home builders. We are dedicated not only to building houses but creating communities and homes for individuals and families alike. We aim to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Your satisfaction with your home build matters to us. We will work with you, taking your ideas and vision into account, to build your dream home.

Founders of Forever Homes, Betty and Richard Fung, moved to Canada from Hong Kong in 1990. Upon purchasing their first house on Canadian soil, they realized the meaning and importance associated with buying a house and creating a home. Since then, they have committed to creating a similar positive experience for all their customers. They created Forever Homes on the basis of providing a premium house building service where the client’s comforts and needs come first.

At Forever Homes, we want your new house to capture your ideas and dreams. We want to make it the home you envisioned. Throughout the build process, we will work with you to make sure we meet your exact specifications and requests. Building a home should be an exciting and enjoyable process, free of worry and stress. When you partner with Forever Homes, we welcome you into a family. We aim to take care of every one of our customers, reaching and exceeding your expectations for your new home.

Not only do we build homes, but we strive to create and develop positive and growing communities. Communities we build in include Forest Hill, Creekview, Old Victoria, Wickerson Hills and more. We can further provide listings for new homes for sale in London Ontario to help you make the best choice for you and your family, and help you determine if building custom and new is right for you. Schedule a consultation with our group of committed house building professionals today, or visit our website,, for more information.

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