How to quickly connect the rear-view dash cam and car charger?

Selection, installation, and the setting are very important for the dash cam. Because the power of it depends on three aspects. For many friends, more headache problem is the installation of the dash cam. For the novice, the best way to install is the way to connect the car charger. So how to quickly connect the rear view dash cam and car charger?

The following 8 steps can be implemented in a few minutes to quickly complete the rear-view dash cam wiring.

Tear off the film of the rear-view dash cam, take out the four clips of the delivery, we only need to use 2, the other is well preserved, it may be replaced in time when it is reserved for backup or when it falls or is damaged during installation.

Place the best front and rear dash cam on the interior mirror, use cable clips to fix the rear-view dash cam to ensure no loose.l

Plug the cable and begin wiring to the copilot, fill the cable into the gap of car plane.

When arriving A-pillar, fill the cable into the gap, it is easy to complete with patience.

Wiring down along B-pillar of copilot, fill into door seal.

There is a gap near the glove box, transfer to the copilot.

Remove the pad of the copilot and wiring through the pad.

Plug cable into the car charger, complete the wiring

This wiring method may complete quickly the wiring of the front and rear dash cam. If you have some problem with my narration, may give me the message, i will help you complete the fast wiring of the rear-view dash cam.

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