Error while Installing Software in Roku Streaming Device

When the user installs their Roku streaming player they should look out for the most recent version of the software that could be automatically updated during the setup process. The user needs a valid Roku account which could be created using the roku com link to getting start with these devices.  The streaming player devices are equipped in such a way they perform a periodic check for the updates every 24 to 36 hrs and accomplish the task of updating arbitrarily whenever the streaming device get switched on companied with the active internet connection. The user can manage to streams while the Roku device attempts to update itself thereby providing uninterrupted streaming to their viewers.

A reliable internet connection is absolutely essential to execute the complete software update and if user faces any unexpected network connectivity interruption or the network signal goes is weak then there are possibilities that the streaming devices may not have completed its lasts update successfully. Meanwhile the user needs to create and activate Roku account using roku com link to stream their preferred contents. In that case the device would prompt a message on the TV screen stating ‘Unable to update software’. This message would allow the user get to know that the Roku device software update is incomplete. And they device will also allow the user to try updating the software again by clicking the ‘Try updating again’ button.  This needs to be done manually by the user by clicking the ‘Try updating again’ button. The error codes displayed during the software update are mostly 005, 001, 002 or 003. For more info on these error messages the user can visit the Roku’s technical support site roku com link.

If the user try attempting software update several time and still the user keep getting any of these error messages then it surely means that the software update is a mere failure and the it may be due to poor or unreliable network  connectivity.

Roku devices mostly are equipped with the inbuilt wireless features and some streaming players have ability to get connected to a network connection using an Ethernet cable. Always the users are recommended to utilise the Ethernet cables for procuring a directly network connection for fast and effective execution of the Roku device. if still the user faces any difficulties in resolving the 003 network error in Roku device during its software update and on any issues while utilising roku com link the user’s can call our technical team members through the toll free number at +1-844-965-4357 or can visit our site at


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