, a Solution for Online Music Playlist Limitation

A service that can help anyone to transfer online music playlist. User will have more freedom in enjoying online music.


Nowadays, there are many online music services, where the user is allowed to create the favorite music playlist. However, there is a limitation on how the user can enjoy this playlist between one service and another. MusConv has service that solves this limitation.


MusConv is a simple service, where user of several different online music services can easily move their playlist between those services. For example, users can export spotify playlist to amazon music service without hassle with the help from this service.


“User of online music service just needs to buy the service. Then, choose the online music service where they want to transfer their music playlist. Select the playlist they want to transfer and destination where it will be transferred to and it’s done.”


The playlist transfer service itself is available in three different types. MusConv provide BASIC, PROFESSIONAL and ULTIMATE type of service. Each of the service offer several different features, where BASIC type offers the minimum feature and ULTIMATE type has all features. However, all service has similar feature that user can get, which is Unlimited songs per session, Unlimited playlists per session and CSV export. This means user can transfer and change the song from one online music service to another without limitation.


The price is different between each service types. For first time user, MusConv also provide trial version with limited feature. Those users can try and find out about the basic service from MusConv. Moreover, each type can be updated, but with different limitation. For ULTIMATE service, user has free update for lifetime. MusConv also provide better support for user with ULTIMATE service.


MusConv provide a service that works on many different online music services. Those services that were supported by MusConv are Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, YouTube, Deezer and Groove. It is also compatible with Apple Music.


About is a service that helps many online music service users to transfer and move their playlist and favorite music between online music services. The service that they provide is paid service, which has many useful features that can make this process, can be done easily and faster. Their service is helping user to have freedom to listen to their favorite music in several different platforms. This service also can save user’s time for creating playlist.


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