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The dash cam has been a compulsory installation equipment in Russia, South Korea, and other countries, and has also become the standard vehicle distribution in Taiwan. Referring to the track of the development of other electronic products. The domestic dash cam industry has just started. Users know too little about the product so that they don’t know how to select. This article mainly analyzes how to select the best budget dash cam and the brief introduction of several brands with a special function. Provide a reference for drivers to choose and purchase dash cam.

Image quality

Don’t believe the pixel promoted by merchants. For example, 1280*960 is interpolated by 640*480, it is unclear through magnifying two times. More than 720p is called HD. 720p can shoot clear license plate within 3 meters, 1080p can shot clear license plate within 10 meters, so 1080p is more expensive. In my opinion, 720p is enough to use, like DVD quality. You can compare 5 minutes video size to distinguish the quality of the image.

Wide angle

Usually, when buying the best front and rear dash cam, we will focus on whether the wide angle of the dash cam is big enough. And the recommendation from net friends is that bigger wide angle is better, so many people believe that.

But the deformation of the image is a big problem. Also, the bigger wide angle will have more serious deformation. In general, more than 90 degrees will begin deformation. If adding the wide angle while ensuring no deformation, the technical costs will increase. At present, the best product without deformation in the world only reaches 160 degrees.

No leakage

It is designed for saving video and driving safety. Different with ordinary home DV continuing recording, the dash cam will record several minutes and autosave. So the time interval is very important, requiring high processing and high reading speed, but it is not relative to costs. In my practical testing, the time interval of the fake product will more than 2 seconds. It is recommended that don’t buy the dash cam with leakage because the important data will appear in that seconds.


White balance

Low-end products will darken when encountering strong light, reflecting light and low light, become brightness when encountering white, because of the poor white balance. Some promoted that the license plate can’t reflect light, which means that it has an excellent white balance. Providing this performance depend on the speed of the CUP, the low-end product can’t do that.

Emergency video and G-sensor

If there is an important image, but it continued to record, so the previous important video will be automatically deleted. So it was designed for emergency video, only press a button to save and lock important video, even the storage is not enough, it can’t be deleted. The auto emergency video uses G-sensor to automatically protect the video in the event of the collision.

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