IHP Medical Offers the Best Plastic Surgery Packages in Dubai

IHP Medical is a leading clinic in London that offers high quality medical treatment to customers. For patients in Dubai, it is a top source for medical tourism care. The clinic consists of a strong network of medical professionals and specialists from various sectors, who ensure appropriate treatment to customers for various medical issues. It has the best plastic surgery packages on offer for patients in Dubai.

The clinic offers all the top plastic surgery processes that patients need today, including Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Nose Reshaping, Eyelid Surgery, Facelifts, Facial & Body Contouring, Abdominoplasty, Hair Replacement and Labiaplasty. The surgeries offered here offer fast treatment solutions to patients, and offer cosmetic as well as restorative benefits. Whether it comes to repairing or fixing any deformities or restoring pristine appearance after an accident or injury, the qualified surgeons associated with IHP Medical can address everything.

With a large network of doctors, specialists and consultants from various domains in the hospitality and health sector, the clinic has won a lot of acclaim. It also works along with numerous service providers from across the globe, to ensure the best surgical treatment for patients. Each patient is given adequate care, and everyone from doctors to surgeons and medical staffs go that extra mile to ensure a safe and pleasant care-giving experience to patients.

Surgeries are conducted in a stress-free and safe ambience, and patients can get assistance with everything – from scheduling appointments to after-care plans. The first rate healthcare services are offered with the promise of affordability, and the services are designed to fit the needs as well as the budget of customers.

There are many non-surgical procedures offered here as well, which cater to the needs of patients who come to London for medical tourism. These are generally conducted in-clinic and come with minimal side effects and are typically free of any complications. These can be performed in a short time, and offer immediate results.

About IHP Medical

Based in London, IHP Medical is a prominent clinic that provides patients with cutting-edge medical treatment for various health issues. The clinic was established in 2016 to satisfy the medical needs of customers with suitable treatment.

For more information or for further enquiries, please visit https://www.ihpmedical.com/plastic-cosmetic-surgery-Dubai

Contact Information:

International Health Plus

9 Seagrave Road, London, SW6 1RP

Phone no: +44 208 231 8855 (Office) / +44 7446733171 (Mobile)

Email id: dr.dabeer@ihp.london.

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