How to select the truck dash cam in reversing image

Now it is a common phenomenon that racketeers of traffic and people with some purpose are countless. We only do a good job to prevent them and protect ourselves. A dash cam with reversing image easily solve this problem.

One of the problems for truck drivers is reversing, especial for the novice without rich driving experience, they may need others’ help. So many people will choose to install reversing system devices. Special reversing image for a truck can reduce the blind area to a large extent. Installing a reversing system, only sitting in the car, you can see the rear image, easily complete reversing without help.

How to select a good dash cam with reversing. Here teach you some shopping skill.

As we know, the truck general is 24V, so many drivers considered that only buy a 24V dash cam. But this though is wrong. 24V can reach 30V in any condition, voltage accepted 24V will break the circuit or display in 30V. so when selecting dash cam reversing, as far as possible to choose 12V to 32V wide voltage reversing, which can bring more using range.

How to select the truck dash cam in reversing image

Second, now the reversing image has the electronic scale to provide a reference. In general, the manufacturers will fix it on the camera.

Third, the reverse image used on the truck must choose the special cable. In other words, it is the four-core socket cable, which is not only more firmly connected, but also twice as thick as the AV cable, and has a longer life than AV cable.

Fourth, the brightness of the screen is also important, in general, choose more than 200 brightness.

Fifth, the general reversing image rarely has reversing delay, private car general has, but useless. When Most of the drivers turn right or left, the screen will be black, because the circuit will turn off, so the screen can’ t display the image without electricity.

Final, the reversing camera must have night vision function, waterproof, seismic function and wide angle. In fact, the focus is the quality of the product, the price is second.

Many people hesitated whether installing the best budget dash cam is necessary. Here remain, people, that trouble will come for one day. You spent some money to protect yourself form some racketeers.

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